Norma Shirk
Corporate Compliance
Risk Advisor

About Us

Kevin Smith"Norma Shirk partnered with our agency as a human resources consultant. She researched specific HR questions, including many questions about the Affordable Care Act and conducted educational seminars. Our clients (and staff) appreciated her quick response times and the scope of her responses. We would recommend her services to any employer seeking a subject matter expert on human resources and employment law issues."

Kevin Smith
Benefits, Inc.
Lyn Noland"We wanted to apply for a larger grant so that we could help more individuals with addictions but first we needed to professionalize our back office practices. Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor and Norma Shirk collaborated with us to streamline our administrative procedures and update our employee policies, including our employee handbook. She’s easy to work with and always gave practical and realistic advice. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their corporate risk and HR practices."

Lyn Noland
Founder & President
Recovery Community, Inc.

Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor, LLC was founded by an attorney with 20 years of experience in both the government regulatory and private industry sectors. Ms. Shirk has worked for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); the Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, a Zurich American-owned insurance company; the Tennessee Department of Human Services; and several other insurance companies and agencies. She has served in every role from staff attorney to general counsel, resolving legal issues ranging from collections to bankruptcy, employee and Human Resources issues to contract negotiations, insurance defense to insurance licensing questions, and to general corporate legal matters.

Ms. Shirk recognized the challenge faced by all small businesses when it comes to corporate compliance. Small businesses lack the resources to maintain a dedicated, full-time compliance staff, so “compliance” is tacked on to the existing duties of an employee. The lack of time and expertise can cause gaps and lapses that threaten the finances of a small company.

Ms. Shirk believes that small businesses can compete effectively with their larger competitors when they have access to the same compliance expertise. Corporate Compliance Risk Advisor, LLC offers small businesses the compliance expertise they need, but only when they need it and at a cost they can afford.