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Why the Hippo?

Yes, it’s a hippopotamus! Why choose a hippo as a company logo?

When I started my business I expected about a third of my services would revolve around HIPAA privacy issues.  I thought about the fact that many people misspell HIPAA with a second “p”:  “HIPPA” v. HIPAA.  A hippo logo seemed like a good mnemonic method to remember my company.

The hippo logo also represents my love of history. Once upon a time, I wanted to be an Egyptologist and I studied kingdoms, dynasties and deities. The ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses appeared in animal forms. The hippo represented the goddess Taweret (or Taueret) who was associated with childbirth and child rearing and with death and rejuvenation. (Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses all seem to have dual opposing aspects.)

I thought about the real life qualities of hippopotami. Hippos are the fiercest animals in Africa; even Nile crocodiles and lions are afraid of them. On the other hand, hippos live communally, are loyal, and have strong familial bonds. 

Actually, the ancient Egyptian deity with characteristics closest to my personal interests is Thoth, the god who invented writing and who arbitrated disputes. Thoth was married to Ma’at, the goddess of justice. But Thoth is represented by the ibis and the baboon and I don’t like birds or baboons as much as I like hippos.

I kept the hippo logo even though the HIPAA privacy consulting faded into the not-to-be-regretted sunset.  That’s why my company’s logo is a hippo.